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Standing with Fans is a Non-Profit Organization in the United States that aims to bring fans closer to the sporting events that they love and cherish. We aim to make sports more accessible and more fan-friendly, in an era where merchandising and sponsorships are driving ticket prices up.

In this context, Stand with Fans was one of the founding partners of ‘Fans first’, a coalition of different sports organizations that aimed to campaign effectively on behalf of fans to sports teams and their owners. It also brings together people in unrelated industries, such as media, theatre and industry, who share the same common passion.

Stand with fans is also an active promoter of sports betting, which is slowly being made legal in the United states. We see betting as a way for fans to know their teams or their clubs better. Note, however, that we don’t encourage reckless gambling, just casual sports betting as a form of entertainment.

For over 30 years, Stand with Fans has been going strong and actively campaigning on behalf of fans nationwide. We have been recognized by most, if not all, of sports teams in the USA from across the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, MLS and so on.