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Why sports fans should pay attention when purchasing resell tickets

There are many great things about sports – the anticipation, teamwork, celebrations, talent and most importantly, the fans. Fans create the atmosphere that makes sports truly what it is. Whether it is football, basketball or soccer, it is the fans that ultimately makes you want to perform at your best.

While sports teams and owners recognize this and publicly talk about how they live for their fans, reality is often different. Most sports teams have three broad categories of revenue – stadium, sponsorships and advertising. Stadium revenues are primarily dependent on ticket prices and sales, although there are elements such as food, beverage and accessory sales that contribute as well.

Fans often purchase tickets in the secondary market, due to high prices charged by sports teams. When browsing the secondary market, it is vital to be fully informed so as not to be deceived. Many secondary market vendors aren’t strictly legal or authorized. While buying second-hand tickets on the cheap makes financial sense, there are many who fall victim to scams.

football stands - Why sports fans should pay attention when purchasing resell tickets

Another thing to note is that in the case of ticket purchase in non-authorized sites, there are often terms and disclaimers which aren’t outright visible. This leads buyers into believing that they are buying from a valid vendor and not from a reseller. This is something that buyers have to constantly check and validate.

We believe there are a few parties that can ensure fair access to second hand tickets. This includes sports teams, venues and professional sports management companies. Sports teams and venues often have to fill the stadium for all the games in a season, even the less anticipated ones. Ensuring fair access to both second-hand buyers and sellers, through a marketplace for example, results in a win-win-win situation.

In short, second-hand ticket marketplaces are important, both as a revenue source for sports teams and venues, and as a financially viable option for consumers. Regulations, data transparency and validations need to be more severe in such sites to avoid distress to fans.

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