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WNBA game ticket bonanza

On June the 7th, Monumental Sports & Entertainment, who own the Washington Mystics, offered to give tickets for the WNBA game between Washington and Minnesota for free. The reason behind this decision was to ensure fan attendance at the game in Las Vegas, which would kick-off just hours before the Stanley Cup final. However, this has had a chain effect, with secondary market ticket prices skyrocketing.

The debut of LaVar Ball’s JBA

LaVar Ball’s Junior Basketball Association made its much awaited debut on June the 22nd at Ontario, California. The game only attracted a small crowd, perhaps due to the frustrating play that unfolded. While LaVar played some attractive and high-level basketball, they also made some silly blunders, all in all creating a comical game. We are sure that they need to step up if they want to justify the prices that are being charged.

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